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Commute training MBTA 2010

Three Practical Principles

    1.   A therapist is the true *Terran. (* people on the Earth in Latin)

    2.   From learning of disability into #Functionics.

    3.   From dependence on others, through autonomy, to independence,
              From the bottom of our heart, with compassionate love.

Four Fundamental Purposes

    1.   Newly-Established (after wars) self-Re-education based inValuable Effectiveness (NERVE)

    2.   Personality Education based on sound individualism accompanying professional training

    3.   Dedicate us to what is the most important.

    4.   Therapists for Ecohealth

*   #Functionics is a new term to represent learning of functioning based on International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) by WHO.

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