Therapists for Eco-Health

-- Proposal to Create an Organization of Therapists to Initiate Social Action --Tweet

    Our Earth is dying, so are we mankind in the vulnerable ecosystem in at most one millennium. 80 % of species got extinct for just 60 years after World War II. The crises and structure of the environmental issues are so complicated but decisive that every citizen becomes to be aware and join the conservationists' pioneering approach.

    Now that global warming and weather change has decisive effect in this hottest year in human history that it is critical turning point when we can cause the change. Air pollution may have caused diseases such as asthma among children or senior citizens. Water contamination caused a strange disease named “Itai-itai Byo” and court sentenced company and government to pay the compensation for victims in my country in the 20th century.

    In these threatening situations it is necessary for us therapists to form an organization to initiate social action to keep and recover the healthy environment, which I personally name Therapists for Eco-Health. Almost all others may say, “It's non of our business!” Yes, may be, but without the sound ecosystem free from destruction, how on Earth can even a therapist's daily health-care or welfare practice exist in the future?

    Therapists for Eco-Health (TEH) involving physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, or others would initiate social action effective enough for sustainability:

    Before professionals we are citizens on the Earth who are responsible for social issues, and more so because we are well educated. International Physicians Preventing Nuclear Weapons (IPPNW) is another example of social action by concerned health-care professionals. Being well educated, we therapists must be aware of the ecology crises more than ordinary citizens, and have power to do something in international level. Let us be united and stand against the destruction of our Mother Earth, and choose the future in which promise is in our sacred hands!

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